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To give a hand to the downtrodden section of our society, the Universal Education Foundation started in 2016. This charity trust was established to help children with study aids, senior citizens with health care substitutes and other aids for children from poor communities. Our charity activities are expanding to Tamil Nadu, Odisha and other states with a mission to give a hand to the people of India. Universal Education Foundation works with the principal goal of undertaking charity services in India at a public level without any discrimination to religion, caste, creed, or gender. With the help of UEF, we wish to initiate a movement that encourages people to join hands in serving humanity. The constant effort of this organization is to raise awareness and provide care for those in need, especially the future generation. UEF tying up with UNICEF is establishing a charity program for new-born premature children and pregnant women. UNICEF which is the United Nations agency responsible for providing aid to children worldwide has started a program called SNCU (Special New-born Care Units) which aims at preventing infant mortality rate.

The Universal Education Foundation is dedicated to making a positive impact on people's lives through charitable activities. Our mission revolves around improving access to quality education. We provide scholarships and financial aid to underprivileged students, enabling them to pursue their educational aspirations. Additionally, our foundation supports the development of schools and educational infrastructure in underserved communities, ensuring that students have safe and conducive learning environments. We organize workshops, skillbuilding programs, and mentorship initiatives to empower students with essential life skills. The Universal Education Foundation is committed to fostering a brighter future for students by promoting education, empowering them with opportunities, and nurturing their growth.

Services Provided By UEF
  • Education aid
  • Scholarships
  • UEF for children
  • UEF for senior citizen
  • Covid 19 relief
  • Kerala flood relief
  • UEF in Tamil Nadu
  • UEF in Odisha
  • Oru kai sahayam
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